Residential Cleaning In Launceston

We provide a quality household cleaning service to help householders free their time to spend on other endeavours. We can arrange for regular cleaning or a one off clean.
Camsas supply our reliable staff with all the equipment and products necessary to clean your home beautifully, efficiently and with minimal fuss. Household cleaning in Launceston is tailored to suit your requirements so just let us know what you need and we will take care of it.

Regular Cleaning Services Offered but not limited to:


  • Spray and wipe clean your bench tops, splash backs and appliances
  • Clean and polish your cooktop
  • Clean and polish sink, taps and plugholes
  • Spot clean and dust cupboard fronts
  • Wiping out fridges and microwaves
  • Dust window sills, ornaments and furniture
  • Spot clean doors, walls, architraves and light switches

Bathrooms and Toilets:

  • Showers disinfected and cleaned removing soap scum from tiles, glass, base, under and around lips and edges
  • Glass screens and mirrors polished
  • Bath cleaned removing dust, soap scum and grime
  • Toilet including cistern, seat, lid, pan inside and out and all pipes and fittings
  • Basins and vanities cleaned, taps polished removing any grime build up around taps and plug holes
  • Disinfect clean toothbrush holders
  • Any railings, towels hooks and other surfaces etc dusted and polished if required
  • Spot clean doors, walls, architraves and light switches
  • Dust window sill and ornaments

Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Hallways and Stairwells:

  • Polish mirrors
  • Dust all furniture, ornaments, hand railings, fretwork and window sills
  • Spot clean architraves, doors, walls and around light switches
  • Bed making service if requested
  • Skirting boards dusted on a monthly basis or as required


  • All floors vacuumed
  • All hard flooring disinfect mopped using appropriate product to suit flooring

Cobweb Removal:

  • Cobwebs removed from all internal rooms on a monthly basis or as required
  • External verandah’s etc as required


  • Empty bins, replace liners as required and place in appropriate receptacle
  • Empty recycling into appropriate receptacle
One off or extra household cleaning services offered but not limited to (All removing the presence of dust, grease and grime, scuff and wall marks):
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