Office Cleaning

Camsas will cover all your office cleaning requirements. Quote for regular cleaning will be tailored to suit your needs. We provide regular cleaning to suit your requirements. We are also happy to provide one off services to help get on top of all those chores that tend to build up over time.

Services included are but not limited to:


  • Dust all desks, shelving, ledges, furniture, fittings and computer screens.
  • Disinfect spray & wipe clean desks, benches, tables, keyboards and phone handsets.
  • High dusting.
  • Cobweb removal.
  • Skirting boards and architraves.
  • Blinds.


  • Disinfect spray & wipe clean kitchen benches, splash backs, tables.
  • Wipe out fridges, microwaves, dishwashers, and cooking appliances.
  • Disinfect clean and polish sinks.
  • Wash dishes.
  • Wipe over chairs and lounge suites.
  • Empty rubbish and recycling.
  • Spot clean walls, doors, architraves, light switches and power points.
  • Vacuum and disinfect mop floors.


  • Disinfect clean all toilets and urinals including seats, lids, pans, cistern, pipes & fittings.
  • Disinfect clean basins, mirrors and taps.
  • Disinfect clean showers including removal of soap scum from tiles, glass shower screens, partition walls and bases.
  • Spot clean walls, doors, architraves, and light switches.
  • Empty rubbish.
  • Replenish supplies. (We supply consumables, please ask for a quote)
  • Vacuum and disinfect mop floors.


  • Vacuum all carpet and hard flooring, ensure all edges are kept clean and dust free.
  • Disinfect mop all hard flooring. We focus on care of floors by using the appropriate product to suit the flooring. We ensure all edges are mopped thoroughly to ensure no soil build up.
  • Any fresh carpet stains to be reported to the owner to assist with maintenance.
  • Buffing of vinyl or tiled flooring.
  • Extra maintenance services as required. See our ‘WHAT WE DO’ tab.


  • Spot cleaning of all glass doors and windows up to 2 metres.
  • Professional regular cleaning inside and out up to three storeys.

Walls and Architraves:

  • Spot cleaning of walls up to 2 metres to remove scuffs marks, finger marks, and soiling.
  • Finger marks and soiling removed from and around light switches.
  • Full walls scrubbed to remove grease, soiling, smoke staining and scuff marks as required.
  • Architraves wiped to remove dust and grime.


  • Empty rubbish, replace liners as required and place in appropriate receptacle.
  • Place recycling in appropriate receptacle. Secure documents are not handled by Camsas staff for security purposes.
  • Place shredded paper into appropriate receptacle.
  • Remove rubbish from premises if required.
  • Place rubbish out for council collection if required.
  • Supply council bags for convenience to owner at the same cost from the Launceston City Council.
  • Clean wheelie bins and rubbish bins etc.
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